In photography, "the blue hour" refers to that space in time between sunset and twilight. Photos taken during the blue hour let the sky appear in a wonderfully bold blue, a color with a very calming, soothing effect on us.

Pastel yellow, pastel green, pastel blue or pink – it all sounds rather sweet. But when these soft colors are combined with distinct and edgy forms, even enthusiasts of purism will be delighted. Pastel hues, after all, can be mixed with very cool hues to balance their sweetness.

Bring summer into your home! Yellow is associated with warmth and optimism; it radiates positive energy. Yellow hues range from the rich, saturated yellow of meadow flowers to earthy and saffron tones. And – along the way – there’s also gold, orange and apricot.

Spring is knocking at the door and awakens the yearning for a light seasonal touch. Strip off your heavy winter jacket and plunge headlong into spring – while bringing a breath of fresh air into your living room. Sky blue – or pastel blue – is the perfect way to launch into the new season.

My visit to the vernissage "los: lassen" by Dido Roggatz Berlin was eye-opening - a wonderful example of how powerful a tool colors can be in art. This exhibition will let you delve into new thinking spaces that Dido Roggatz created as part of her work with colors.

Teal conjures up a touch of elegance in your living environment. Whether teal-green or teal-blue, the effect of this trendy color is always classy and intense. Teal can be combined nicely with grey, yellow, red, green, white or black. The effect of a saturated petrol hue is cozy and soothing.

A targeted use of red activates our vitality. No other color is as sensual, warm and bursting with energy. A red accent wall in the living room, dining room or bedroom creates a focal point and defines the room. Let yourself be whisked away into the world of red and its powerful effect.

Pink is the color of love, caring and empathy. A wisp of pink adds lightness and a sense of security to your living space. Welcome the freshness of spring into your home with pastel pink. Or invite a pleasant warmth with dusky pink. Delve into the world with rose-tinted lenses!

Green is the color of renewal, rebirth, growth and inner peace. Green meadows, forests and fresh fields symbolize fertility, wealth and success. A four-leaf clover is a good luck charm. Bring good luck into your living environment and take advantage of the power of green.

The effect that colors have on a person’s well-being is vast. On the one hand, colors directly affect the psyche. On the other hand, they also influence us indirectly through the room atmosphere. Every color has a different psychological effect and conveys a different mood.

Orange represents vital energy and activity. The warmth of this color invariably lifts the mood: Orange is the color of joy and sociability. It emphasizes a sense of security, comfort and emotional warmth. Orange also symbolizes flower power and the hippy era of the 60s and 70s.

The vividness and friendliness of an orchid’s tropical blossoms will enchant your living space. You’ll find the sunny side of life wherever orchids bloom. Merriment and high-spirits are bound to enrich your life and give you happy hours with friends.

Pastel green – or mint green/spearmint – brings natural lightness to your living spaces and creates a wonderful, unobtrusive connection to nature. A touch of magic takes possession of your home – even though mint green is actually a cool pastel hue.

Hurray, Summer is Back! Pastel yellow brings summerly cheer into your home. Keep your team colleagues in good spirits by combining grey with pastel yellow in the office. A good mood will inspire your staff’s creativity and put them on the path to success.

Walls with patina rather than paint or wallpaper. When it comes to walls, embracing the "less-is-more" credo is done to best effect in pre-war apartments. Strip off the old layers of wallpaper and let old, unfinished plaster walls come to light. This creates a grounded, earthy feel in your living environment. 

Masculine, purist living rooms withLigne Roset and USM Haller Sideboard in bold, saturated yellow. To perfectly stage this yellow color accent, everything else was done up in grey. The artwork above the USM Haller piece was specially-crafted by Corky Cholakian from L.A.

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your current interior style? Bank on professional furnishing advice to find a customized interior design that revives your living space!

"Hyggelig" is when coming home really feels like "coming home". Bank on professional furnishing advice to help you find your own personal style and give your rooms a new lease on life!

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown the current style of your living quarters? Seek out the advice of a professional interior design consultant to help you discover your personal style and give your rooms a new lease of life!

purple color

Mystical sunsets, delicately blossoming lilac and aromatic fields of lavender. Tyrian purple – also known as "imperial purple" – is a dye that is elaborately manufactured from secretions produced by snails of the Muricidae family. Greatly prized in antiquity, this pigment also holds a special place in nature. Sage, violets, lilac and lavender captivate with their delightful scent, beyond that, however, they are also used as natural remedies in homeopathy

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